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The Tree of Life

I believe that many issues we have as adults stem from our childhood.  They can manifest in many different ways, maybe we are quick to anger, maybe we are constantly in and out of relationships, and maybe we find difficulty sustaining meaningful friendships.  If we really dug into our backgrounds, I believe we would find the cause or causes behind some of the issues that plague us as adults.  What we experience as children, what is poured into us, helps to shape who we will become as adults.

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African-American Children Will Continue to Fall Behind, If Parents Don’t Do This…

By the time a child leaves Kindergarten, they are expected to be reading.  If a child leaves Kindergarten unable to read, they are already “behind”.  Another unfortunate fact is testing doesn’t begin at 3rd grade, it begins in kindergarten where many school districts administer the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy)  assessment to determine if a child has early mastered early learning concepts.  These assessments are considered to be early indicator for a child’s educational success.  Research shows that one in six children who are not reading proficiently in third grade do not graduate from high school on time. 

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