Let It Go

I was reflecting about an issue that I encountered recently.  I had just told someone that I wasn’t angry at an individual, who I may have had reason to be angry with.  I remember thinking that it takes way too much energy to be angry, and that I wasn’t willing to exert that energy on this particular situation.  Anger is a powerful emotion.   It can cause us to say and do things that we may potentially regret later. Think about what happens when you’re angry, your face is all turned up, you are unhappy, and emotionally conflicted.

We all get upset, that’s a fact.  What’s also true, is we may not be able to control a situation, but we can control how react.  One method I have begun to use in communicating with others, especially when I know my initial response may be offensive, is I take a step back.  I don’t respond right away.  This is easy to do when you are texting.  If you are face to face with the person, just remain quiet and say that you will discuss the issue later.   Once you have had time to cool down, let a cooler head prevail. 

Sometimes we are so offended by something another person does, that we refuse to forgive.  When holding a grudge, you may want to consider that the other person hasn’t even given the situation another thought.  This is sometimes difficult to handle because we want to believe that what is important to us, is important to the next person.  Have you ever had anyone say, “You’re still angry about that?”  They’ve moved on, and you’re holding your happiness hostage because you are expending energy being angry. 

When we choose to let things go, we’re choosing happiness.  You may be thinking that you have to give that person a piece of your mind, and maybe you do, but you should consider doing it when you’re calm, so that it is more of a conversation than a confrontation.  Once you’ve had the conversation, move on, and let it go.  Your happiness is so much more valuable than holding on to anger that serves no purpose.

The next time you find yourself angry or holding a grudge, ask yourself a few questions:

1.      In the long run, will this really matter?

2.      Is being angry solving anything?

3.      Will being angry change the situation/person?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then let it go, forgive, and choose happiness.