Welcome 2 the Queendom, is a nonprofit organization that provides empowerment opportunities to at risk girls. Our goals are to positively impact the lives of girls and young women by assisting them with building a positive self-image, developing leadership skills, and changing negative thought patterns.




Building a better tomorrow by impacting the lives of young women today!    




Welcome 2 the Queendom is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering and inspiring at risk young women ages 11-18. Our goal is to build stronger, independent, secure women. When girls have identified personal goals, are more secure in who they are and what they want, and have a support system in place, they are able to make better decisions and life choices. We work to create a positive and healthy way of thinking, and behaving through empowerment opportunities and mentoring. Welcome 2 the Queendom is dedicated to understanding what girls need and helping them to become healthy, happy, and productive members of society. Our primary objective is to positively impact the lives of young women.
Welcome 2 the Queendom incorporates a values-based program of personal development and leadership with a sense of community, achieving results, and accountability. Through mentoring, role playing, hands-on activities, and teen conferences, we build positive relationships with girls and provide them with the tools needed to make positive life choices. Our vision is to provide empowerment opportunities to girls nation-wide by providing conferences for teen girls that specifically cater to their needs.



“I was extremely impressed with Welcome 2 the Queendom. My daughter’s level of enthusiasm in telling her experience was exuberant. The principles learned are still being seen to this day. She can’t wait for next year. Welcome 2 the Queendom is the best.”
-Pam Shaw

“Thanks to Ms. Reed and Ms. Henderson for making it all possible. Two of the most phenomenal women with God given talents and hearts made of pure gold. These two women am together to instill in our girls that they are to be the best they can be by teaching our girls to have self- respect for others.”
Amanda Wilborn


Sponsor a Girl Campaign

Last year Welcome 2 the Queendom sponsored a free Empowerment Conference for 50 girls. This year our goal is to host a free conference for 100 girls. The objective is to provide girls between the ages of 11-16 with information that will enable them to make healthier food choices, form positive body images, and desire to engage in more physical activity. Sponsor a girl today!

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